This page contains links to the deliverable reports from the SEMEP project. Note that some of them are private to the project and so are password protected.

Workpackage 1

D1.1 DEMETER satellite data above specific regions.
D1.2 Software and models of monthly and seasonal reception zone of VLF/LF signals from DEMETER database.
D1.3 Identification of ionospheric perturbations connected to seismicity from the analysis VLF/LF signals on the DEMETER satellite.
D1.4 Results of the combined analysis of the data recorded in the ionosphere and on ground.

Workpackage 2

D2.1 A statistical study of plasma waves observed by the DEMETER satellite.
D2.2 A model for the low-frequency seismo-electromagnetic turbulence.
D2.3 Elaboration of a self consistent physical scenario for the earthquake.

Workpackage 3

D3.1 Variations of VLF transmitter signals above the regions of gathering earthquakes
D3.2 Modification of ion concentration profiles and the lower hybrid resonance above seismically active regions.

Workpackage 4

D4.1 DEMETER data bank on Ne, Te and decision of possibility of its use for analysis.
D4.2 Preparation of COSMOS-900 observational data bank for space and spectral analysis and development of the relevant software.
D4.3 Development of data processing methods for plasma parameters analysis for correlation with seismic activity
D4.4 Interpretation of obtained results

Workpackage 5

D5.1 Program package for multi-station data analysis.
D5.2 Creation of complex database for ground VLF/LF networks.
D5.3 Performance of monthly and daily VLF/LF signal models for European and the Far East networks.
D5.4 Discrimination between seismo-induced ionosphere perturbations and large-scale or global disturbances using ground-based observations.
D5.5 Current status of local seismology research of the Far East Region.

Workpackage 6

D6.1 Increment of the parametric instability of drift type waves characterising generation of zonal winds.
D6.2 A model for the generation of tidal ionosphere structures above the earthquake epicentres: Theory and comparison with satellite observations.
D6.3 Results of the numerical calculations of the ray trajectories of the gravity waves.

Workpackage 8

D8.3 SEMEP web site

Project reports

PR 1 Project periodic report 1
PR 2 Project periodic report 2
FR Project final report